We work with multiple contractors, construction companies
and developers to ensure you get the first take on exclusive projects.

Our Approach

In general, there are three types of real estate investment options: commercial, residential and land. Thanks to our extensive network we have exclusive access to real estate projects in the European market and function as a matchmaker for athletes who are interested in investing in large real estate projects that are not available for the average investor. We want our clients to succeed so we provide them the experts in their field, to make sure they are properly consulted.

If during our intake interview it turned out that a client wants to focus on real estate investing, the next step is to tap into our network of real estate developers, contractors and construction companies to find the right project. Once we’ve mapped out the options, we’ll act as a matchmaker and get our client in a meeting. During this meeting the client and real estate developer are present as well as a Sport Legacy staff member. Normally during these kind of meetings we discuss the project, the investment and details like i.e. real estate management. Our goal is to completely unburden our client. Just want to invest without being bothered by the details? Then we take it our of your hands. Want to deep-dive into the world of real estate and attend OA meetings? Then we guide you through it! It’s completely dependent on the client and their wishes.

But that’s not where our services stop. We want to build strong, long term relationships with our clients, so we also provide aftercare to make sure they are well on their way towards their life after sports.

Why Real Estate

Today’s interest rates are on a historically low level and despite political uncertainty and rising construction cost, the European real estate market is still very much active. The real estate market is undergoing a number of structural changes. Rising prices in the housing market and long term urbanisation and demographic trends make make investing in real estate an attractive option.

According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, these are the emerging 2020 trends in the European real estate market.
– Interest rate boost;
– Leading Logistics;
– and Smart Mobility.

Want to know more about what these trends entail? Check the PWC report about ‘Emerging Trends in Real Estate’.

City Rankings

PWC has also ranked the real estate markets in major European cities according to their overall investment and development prospects.

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