We don't want you to be just a client,
we want you to become an ambassador.

At Sport Legacy, we truly appreciate the vote of confidence you give us.
That is why we want you to become a member of our ambassador program,
to make sure other athletes follow in your footsteps.

Ron Zwerver

“Over the past years I’ve seen a lot of athletes, former teammates but also players I’ve coached, struggling with the questions What’s next, what is my passion of the pitch, how do I utilize my position as a professional athlete in my business live and how do I create a passive income. At Sport Legacy I can finally help these athletes answer those questions and ensure more peace of mind and give them a brighter future. I do this from the believe that you should do what you promise and promise what you do, on or off the pitch.”

Celeste Plak

“By taking a sabbatical last year, many people were flabbergasted. But it gave me the time to think about what it was that I wanted. More importantly: What will I do when my active career is over? I am already busy with a lot of fun things! Together with Sport Legacy, we are working out the plans we have in mind.”

Dick Kooij

“The best feeling in the world, is going to bed completely broken… physically but also intellectually. This means that you need to develop yourself, to always challenge yourself and keep searching for the next step. On the pitch this is relatively easy but where do you find this growth in your 2nd legacy?”

Noah Lewis

“Just started to build my second legacy ”

Ian Smeulers

“Just started to build my second legacy ”

Ryan Babel

“With the financial education I personally gained over the years i feel it became my responsibility to share my knowledge with colleagues that’s why I collaborate together with Sport Legacy to make sure these athletes will be independent and educated long before they retire with their career.”

Robin Polley

“I am young and still have a whole soccer career ahead of me. Soccer is definitely number 1, but besides that I’m also working on my future. I know what I want after my career; I want to help underprivileged children in Ghana on a structural basis. Together with Sport Legacy I am looking at how we can make the Robin Polley Foundation big.”

Fabian Sporkslede & Marc Klok

“Sport Legacy thinks ahead, thinks of the bigger picture and thinks with you. With Amplify, we experienced a successful collaboration. Don’t think small, dream big. Aim for the stars. Sport Legacy helped us dream. Together we will aim.”

Ambassador Northern American Region

Kenneth Vermeer

“Sport Legacy elevated my real estate portfolio with projects that never hit the market. They have a very extensive network and know their core business. Also, they work closely with industry experts which gives me the confidence that my investment is safe.”

Ambassador Northern American Region

Los Angeles FC

Ambassador European Region

Gianni Zuiverloon

“When I started my journey with Sport Legacy I never imagined they would invest in my brand as broad as they did. It’s not just about creating a steady income, it’s also about personal growth and spotting opportunities in the market.”

Ambassador European Region

Kerala Blasters

Thijs Timmermans

“At first I was a little bit hesitant because I wondered why me… But in the first chats and insights that came from it I realized that they can help me to make the most of the preparation for my secondary career. This way, I can focus on being the best player that I can be, without the fear of not being ready for the future.”

Jordens Peters

“Coming to the end of my career you start searching for what is next. Of Course I have my education however really knowing what makes me tick and realizing what I find important truly helps to clear your mind. It’s so important to feel and be ready for what is coming when the ball stops rolling”

Tom Overtoom

“Every beginning is hard… especially when you don’t want to make the wrong decision or that you can’t see the effects. Being able to receive an honest opinion and view on the person and not just on the athlete works truly liberating. This helped me with seeing the bigger picture, the consequences and there for my next action.”

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